Tulip Tree Needlearts

Major Needlework exhibit coming to Chatham-Kent, Ontario October 2021.

A celebration of the Scottish contribution to the history of Canada in needlework. Panels from across Canada depict the influence of the Scots in the founding of the country. The highlight will be the panel done in Chatham-Kent depicting the Selkirk settlement, Baldoon, near Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Place: The Rotary Lounge at the Capitol theatre, 238 King Street West, Chatham, Ontario

Dates: October 12 to 29, Monday to Saturday 12 noon to 4 PM. Opening: October 12, 1 to 8 PM.

The exhibit will include the 37 tapestries done to celebrate the Scottish contribution to Canadian history from the museum in Scotland. In addition, the panel stitched by the local guild celebrating the Selkirk settlement, Baldoon, near Wallaceburg will be on display. For more information on the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry and The Baldoon Tapestry please follow the link:http://www.scottishdiasporatapestry.org/

The Baldoon tapestry will be sent to Scotland in November 2021 to become part of the permanent international collection.

Keep the date, October 12. We look forward to welcoming you to this unique event.

For the story of the Baldoon Tapestry Project see the section

“In the News”

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